Music plays an important role in my life as it helps me to deal with anxiety. Every time I feel anxious and can’t focus, I know what type of music will calm me down. That is Good hobbies for anxiety.

There are various platforms you can use to listen to music such as youtube, 8tracks, soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify. Youtube is only great if you listen to the music on the Artist’s official page as an unaffiliated song might be a fake version. 8tracks is only useful for discovering playlists according to your mood. Soundcloud is great to discover new artists who are not signed to any labels or an artist might release a song only on Soundcloud. Apple music… not fan of this platform. I tried it and I found it extremely hard to discover new music according to genres or mood.

I find Spotify is the best platform. For one, you can use it for free but it comes with commercials. It is a small annoyance you pay considering you are listening to free music. Secondly, there are lots of different playlists according to genres or moods. It also suggests a weekly playlist according to the music you listen too. There are many other reasons but let’s focus…

There is one artist who always helps me in so many ways. Her music calms me down and helps me to focus. It is Sade. The music of Sade is rnb/soul. The following below is my 2017 wrapped of music on Spotify.

Music summary of 2017

I was truly shocked on how many minutes, I listened to music: 84,024 (58.35 days). But once I saw my top artist it made sense. I always have Sade playing. It happens many times where I’m having an anxiety attack, I just play her music and I feel so much more calm. I was once on a flight and fear, for so many reasons, was making me so anxious. I tried listening to my saved playlists but the feeling wouldn’t go away. Once I played her music, I forgot about the feeling and I even fell asleep. I’ve also had various experiences of getting anxious while trying to meet deadlines on a tight schedule and Sade helps me to calm down my anxiety and focus. It is hard to suggest one song because they are all soo great but listen to this one and continue with her other songs:

If you have Spotify, I suggest following this playlist:

I really recommend for you to find a genre of music or an artist which helps you with your anxiety. It’s a relatively non expensive hobby you can add to your life. It might make a big difference in your life like it does for me.

Please let me know of any artists or genre which help you, I love to discover to new music, or if Sade has helped you!


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