Adult Colouring Book

Adult colouring books is a good hobby for anxiety.


Adult Colouring books is a great hobby to start as it is relatively cheap and it will help you to calm down. When I first started this hobby, I was using pencils to colour the images and it felt like I was never going to finish the image. This might sound weird but I was also not connecting with the images. I realized this hobby was actually giving me more anxiety. I still wanted to do colouring books and so, I started using markers instead of pencils. For Christmas, my cousin gave me new colouring books. These colouring books were much different than the ones I was using, the shapes were much bigger and the images were better. I started using them and it felt just right. These are my favorite colouring books.

Colouring books

These are my tips for you to start this hobby:

  • Pencil vs. markers: Try colouring in pencils then another day try with markers and see which one you prefer. You could also do both!
  • Find the right colouring book: There are so many types of colouring books you can buy, find the right for you. Really pay attention to the shapes of the images and the theme of the book.
  • Music, Music: listen to music! Check out my post about music.

I highly recommend Adult Colouring books as it allows you to get lost in colouring and just relax. Also, if you feel like you’re not good at drawing (same same), this is the right hobby for you. It is an incredible easy hobby! So, if you start this hobby, please let me know!


2 thoughts on “Adult Colouring Book

  1. I love adult colouring books and completely agree that it’s relaxing! It’s therapeutic and helps me channel my creative energy for sure. I usually go darker on the outlines and fill them in with light coloured pencils 🙂


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